How to Fix iOS 7 Problems – Top 7 Problems and Possible Solutions are Listed

how to fix iOS 7 problems

iOS 6 vs iOS 7


Updated to iOS 7 Successfully but New Problems Comes

As we all know, Apple has released the new and ever mysterious iOS 7 on Sep 18th. And many iPhone, iPad, iPod users can’t wait to upgrade their device to iOS 7 to have an experience of this so-called all new iOS. While many people have updated iOS 7 successfully, there’s no shortage of people encountering glitches or even major problems, a series of new problems are also coming.

However, though iOS 7 is promised to be the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system, we should admit and accept that every new operating system has its issues and Apple’s iOS 7 is certainly no exception.

We’ve seen a multitude of bug reports rolling in. Now it’s time to review some common iOS 7 problems and, where possible, identify solutions.


Top 7 Problems and Possible Solutions on the New iOS 7?


Problem 1: iPhone Won’t Turn on

Many a few people reported that their iPhone won’t turn on after installing the iOS 7 on their device. Plugging in the charger doesn’t seem to have any effect. In some cases, there’s no recognition when plugging into a computer and trying to connect to iTunes either.

Possible Solutions

  • Make sure that you’re using an Apple cable. Apple is working to block third-party cables and chargers by including an authenticator chip in its official cables.
  • If you are using an official cable then plug your iPhone in and leave it to charge for at least a couple of hours before trying the Sleep/Wake and Home button again.
  • Try a factory reset or DFU mode.
iPhone stuck on apple logo

iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Problem 2: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Many users also reported that after they successfully updated iPhone to Ios 7, they found that when they are trying to access their device, their iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo and it won’t start up.

Possible Solution

This is different recovery mode which will display as a cable with iTunes logo. Though we have no efficient solution to this, we can advice you setting your iPhone to factory settings.  Note that iPhone factory reset will lose your iOS 7 and all the settings and personal data on your iPhone. But you can backup your iPhone data before factory reset and reinstall iOS 7 if needed.


Problem 3: Apps Keep Logging You out

Many users have encountered issues with apps like Mailbox and Snapchat logging them out. App developers are working on fixes and seem to be in agreement that the way iOS 7’s background refresh works is the problem.

Possible Solutions

  • Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off for any apps where problems occur.
  • Wait for a bug-fixed update from the app developer or Apple

Problem 4: Can’t Send Text Messages or There is No Notification When Receiving a Text Message

I have heard a lot lot of people reported this problem. There are a couple of possible reasons for this

Possible Solutions:

  • If this is issue happens in text messages, tap and hold on the message and then select “Send as text message.”
  • If the issue is popping up in iMessage, it may be because iOS 7 turns the “send as SMS” option off by default. Go to Settings > Messages and turn “Send as SMS” on.
  • If the issue seems to be with sending texts to other types of phone then it could be because the recipient is still registered with Apple, or has another Apple device. It may be worth checking if they used to own an iPhone that they never deregistered, or if they used their SIM card in an iPhone in the past.

Problem 5: Battery Drains Quickly than Usual

Many iOS 7 users are reporting that iOS 7 is more power-consuming than iOS 6 was.

Possible Solutions

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion to disable the parallax effect that gives the home screen 3D look.
  • Turn off apps you don’t want to be on: Go to Settings > Notification Center and toggle off the apps.
  • Turn off the background app refresh: Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Here is a more specific article gives tips for how to fix iPhone battery issues.

Problem 6: iTunes Store Keeps Crashing

Some people have found that the iTunes Store app on their iPhone crashes when they try to open it.

Possible Solutions

  • You can fix this problem by opening the Music app and tap Store in the upper left corner. But this is not a permanent cure since problem might reoccur.
  • Open the multitasking menu (double tap the Home button) to close iTunes Store if it is listed. Then go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and Sign Out and Sign in again with iTunes Store.

Problem 7: Wi-Fi Connection Has Problem or Bluetooth Not Working

A lot of people have found that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are not working properly after the update to iOS 7. They may appear greyed out in Settings and either won’t toggle on or appear to toggle on, but turn straight off again.

Possible Solution

No effective and reliable solution to this but you can try to reboot your iPhone and your router, sometimes, rebooting fixed everything. But it is unlikely to permanently fix the problem.

Note: In this article, I’m referring to the iPhone as the example, but the majority of the problems and fixes will apply to the iPad and iPod Touch as well.