How to Recover an iPhone Backup, Encrypted or not


I have encrypted my iPhone backup before, but I lost the password of iTunes backup. So now I can’t restore iPhone from backup. I got prompt of “the password you entered to unlock iPhone backup was incorrect. Please try again”. How do I take the password off so I can restore iPhone?


Now, we may need to know what is iTunes backup at first.

Once you sync an iDevice that’s been synced with another computer, iTunes would ask you whether you wish to erase and sync/backup. Press backup, and iTunes will enable you to backup the complete iDevice onto its system. You could have essentially synced an iDevice without erasing everything, and have absolutely also backed it up.

In the backup section, you also have an option to encrypt your backup. If you select it, a box will pop up ask you to enter a password. This password is used to encrypt your backup files. It is necessary when you want to restore your iPhone from the backup, so that this will also prevent your backup files being used illegally by others who don’t know your password.

iTunes will save your backup file on computer. According to different OS, it specifies different location of iTunes backup.

Since the password is necessary when restoring iPhone from backup, so how can we reset the password when iTunes prompts you that your password is incorrect? Except to try possible passwords you used before, there is another relatively reliable method to recover the password. You need an iPhone backup unlocker. It is designed to unlock password for iTunes backup.

How to Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup?

restore iPhone from backup

iPhone backup restore

OK, now that we have learnt what is iTunes backup, and if you password is incorrect, we have found the password. Let’s learn how to restore your iPhone from the backup.

Abide by the following steps to restore iPhone from backup if you lost data and want to get the data back from the backup. Verify that you are using the latest version of iTunes before attempting to operate. Then continue.
Step 1. Connect your device with a computer.
Step 2. When it appears in iTunes under devices, select it.
Step 3. Select the Summary tab then find the “Restore from Backup” option.

The last but not the least tip: How to recover iPhone data if I have no backup?

It is not hard with iPhone data recovery software. It is able to recover lost data from iPhone without backup.

Hope this post helps you solve your problem of iPhone data loss.

Lost Contacts on iPhone 5 with No Backup – How to Recover?

iPhone Lost Contacts, Help!

My wife’s iPhone 5 has suddenly decided to delete all her contacts. She didn’t connect to iTunes or do anything out of the ordinary.

The phone kicked her out of a few applications back to the home screen, so she switched the phone off and on again. On checking contacts, she saw the entire list was gone.

No idea if they were gone before the switch off or not but all seems very strange. Subsequently updated to the latest iOS 7 to see if that would help (which it didn’t!) Now I am waiting for you clever guys to provide any advice on recovering the lost contacts on the iPhone 5. Thank you in advance.

Recover iPhone Contacts without Backup, Easy!

iPhone data recovery

iPhone contacts recovery

It is unavoidable to lose data on iPhone. So what we can do is to be more careful, plus, we should learn how to recover iPhone lost contacts from iPhone under different circumstances. In this article, I will introduce the way to recover iPhone contacts without backup. I have demonstrated how to restore iPhone from iTunes backup before. Click the link to read the details if needed.

Let’s get started to learn how to recover contacts if there is no backup. We know, since we have no backup, it is impossible to rely on free gadget such as iTunes and iCloud to restore lost contacts. So a piece of iPhone data recovery is needed before proceeding on. Choose the right and reliable iPhone data recovery is the key to retrieving iPhone contacts positively. Personally, I recommended Ternorshare iPhone Data Recovery. I used it to recover my lost text messages on iPhone 5, it worked well, no crash. Some messages deleted 2 years ago can be recovered, amazingly!

1. After Download and install the software – iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, connect your iPhone 5 to computer and wait the program to recognize your iPhone.
2. Choose “Recover Data from iOS Device” and click “Start”
3. Then the data recovery program is scanning your iPhone files including contacts and other recoverable ones.
4. When scan is done, you can preview the files by clicking the items listed in the left side of window.
5. Selectively recover wanted contacts by pressing “Recover” button. This program enables you to select what you want to restore, not all as a must like iTunes restore.

Kindly Remind: In order to ensure your iPhone data safety, you are suggested to backup iPhone files like contacts, photos, text messages, call history and other more important data onto somewhere like iTunes, iCloud, or Gmail, etc. It won’t be more