iPhone Can’t Restore after iOS 8 Update Because of Unknow Backup Password

iOS 8 Update Brings Aplenty of Rights and Wrongs to iUsers

Recently, as the iOS 8 becomes more and more popular, a large amount of iOS users have updated their iDevices to iOS 8. There are many rights and wrongs during/after the upgrade. Some are stuck on “Connect to iTunes” screen while iOS 8 update, some come across iTunes error before update is done, some are suffered data loss after iOS 8 update.

And here what I want to discuss about is a problem that might not be commonplace for every iPhone owner but definitely has happened to quite a few of us in the past after performing iOS 8 update – you lost all data in the update, fortunately you have an iTunes backup so that you are going to restore the backup onto iPhone. Now the real problem comes, iTunes asks for a password to access the backup, or else, the backup is unavailable. What a disappointment!

Some people said that they set up the password to encrypt personal highly sensitive data but some complained that they never set up such an encryption on the backup. Strange it is!

How to Get the Password to Unlock the Encrypted iTunes Backup?

No matter how the backup is encrypted, now the only way to access the backup is to get the right passcode. But how can you get it? This article will give you 4 methods. Try them one by one below.

Method #1: Try Possible Passcodes to Meet a Fortune

Since there is no limit for passcode wrong entering times, you can try as many times as you can to attempt to meet the right password. You are suggested to enter all the old used passwords. Below is a list of possible passwords

password unknown to restore iPhone from iTunes backup

What is the password for iTunes backup

Apple ID password
iTunes Store password
Windows administrator password
The “Passcode” you used to lock your iPhone
The passcode/lock code used on your iPhone when you first ever used the device
All sorts of variations of my children’s names and birthdays
Admin password on the computer that was in effect the first time the iPhone was backed-up
The original password when I set up your iTunes account
The ones suggested here “0000″, “1234″, etc.

Method #2: Sign Out of and In Again to iTunes Account

1. Disconnect your iPhone with computer by extracting your iPhone digital cable out of the USB port.
2. Sign out of your iTunes account.
3. Connect your iPhone again back to your computer.
4. Sign in again with your iTunes account.

Method #3: Enabling the Cookies in Safari

The safari settings are linked to the iTunes store brower, enabling the cookies again may fix everything and you can login no problem.  To enable cookies in safari, open up the preferences and go to the privacy tab then change the “block cookies” settings. After that, you may have a chance to go without restriction to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod from encrypted backup.

Method #4: The Last but Reliable Way – Use iPhone Backup Password Unlocker

If all the methods mentioned above do noting for you, you may need pay for the password recovery. The recommended tool is called iPhone Backup Unlocker, provided by Tenorshare Inc. It is the first and single tool especially designed to legally crack forgotten/lost password on iTunes backup for iPhoone, iPad and iPod.

Simple user interface and easy-to-go on-screen guide make it handy for every user. So you can have a try and this is a video tutorial on YouTube – How to Use Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker.

Free Up iPhone Memory by Removing Unwanted Files, Caches, Cookies, etc.

Unnecessary Files Pile Up on iPhone

iPhone junk files

iPhone unnecessary files pile up


We know, on the computer, after long time use, if you don’t clear the unwanted files and cleanup your computer memory, it would be running more and more slowly. On iPhone, just like on computer, it is the same situation! Unwanted files really pile up a lot on the iPhone: browsing history and caches, app caches and redundant installation package, unwanted files, no-longer-needed temp files, bad/empty/corrupt files, cookies that may be potential dangerous, cookies that are no longer useful, etc.

So it is necessary and emergent to make your iPhone memory condition clean, fully and properly used. How to do this?

How to Remove iOS Unwanted Files from iPhone, iPad, iPod?

It is very easy and costless to clean out all the weeds with software Free iPhone Care. Free iPhone Care is a free program designed by Tenorshare, it is a really cool piece of software which is elaborately designed with user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. In addition, the pro version of Free iPhone Care has more powerful and functional features such as removing annoying ads from game playing, reading; fix iPhone dead screen like recovery mode screen, Apple logo screen; bypass forgotten lock screen passcode; backup and restore iOS data; share and manage music, videos, photos and more.

Well, let’s learn how to use the free app to delete junk files and free up space on your iPhone. Simple as 3 steps below:

Step 1: Download and install the program on your PC. Note that this is a Windows-only application so far. If you are using Mac, we are so sorry. Our developers are striding to develop Free iPhone Care for Mac. However, you can use free iPhone Care on your friends’ Windows PC.

Step 2: Launch the program and connect your device (iPhone, iPad or iPod are all OK) with it. Devices include newest iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 and previous models; iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad 4, the New iPad, iPad 2, and all former ones; iPod touch 5, 4; iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

Note: Before going on, you can specify cleanup settings and by clicking on the settings icon.

Step 3: Select a cleanup way

2 ways are provided to cleanup your iPhone: Quick Clean and Deep Clean. For quick clean, it can quickly remove junk files including caches, cookies, temporary files and so on. For deep clean, it can help scan deeper and access more unwanted files but take longer time to finish.

Choose a proper cleanup way for you. The steps of the two ways differ a bit.

Step 4: Preview scanned files and click “Clean Now”

After scan is done, all the scanned files are available to preview. In addition, you can know how much space will be reclaimed and how many percentages the running performance will boost.

junk files on iPhone

space reclaimed after caches cleared

After junk files are removed, just go to check your iPhone and see whether it becomes faster or not! If you think Free iPhone Care is great, please don’t forget to share it with your friends.


7 Things That Totally Confused iPhone Users


Switching from Android to iPhone

I have been using Android phone for a long time and am very used to the Android platform, last month at my friends’ persuasion, I bought an iPhone 5S. However, I found a lot of things that sucks on iPhone compared with Android.

Note that this is my personal opinion and don’t mean to hurt Apple iPhone or other Apple products. I just want to share these problems with you, besides, there are pros and cons to both.

Well, let’s go to the main topic! Some solutions are found to certain problems. Hope the solutions worked for you and helped you out of confusion.

No 1: The overall lack of a visible filesystem

This causes a lot inconvenience on managing our files on iPhone.

Solution: Use professional iOS file management program designed by 3rd party. Maybe you can say that iTunes can do a lot for you, but for me, there is still inconvenience such as I can’t copy/cut music and more other files from phone to PC or vice versa. After a long time searching on the internet, I found a tool called iPhone 5 Transfer and it cost me extra $29.95 to manage my iPhone 5S files.

No 2: The “Closed” on App Store


If you want to get an App, you have to go through Apple App Store and Apple decides all, which apps go in, which can be installed and downloaded, taking a cut of all sales.

On the contrary, the Android platform doesn’t have one particular app store, nor does Google say on what you can or cannot install and doesn’t take a cut of your sales.

Solution: In certain cases, you can build HTML5 app to get around the App Store restriction. With a manifest document, iPhones users are allowed to download apps directly without going through the App Store. However, just as why I said “in certain cases”, an HTML5 app can’t do everything that true native apps can.

No 3: Keyboard is more stupid, you can’t type fast

Without a lot of practice like me, you can’t type fast on iPhone keyboard. I also trigger the wrong one when typing. This is really so bitchy especially when chatting with more than one friend.

Solution: It is said that iOS 8 will be coming with new feature QuickType. Hope this will solve the problem and save us who are in a blind.

No 4: Customization is limited without jailbreak

Say, after iOS 7 rolled out, you may be able to add a wallpaper to your iPhone desktop. But there is not much you can do to tweak your iPhone to exactly how you like it.

No 5: I am locked with AT&T

The tethering on Android devices is better off than what AT&T is offering on the iPhone. In the States, you need to pay $20 per month to access the privilege of tethering your iPhone data connection to a computer.

No 6: iPhone is Likely to be stuck on Recovery Mode at iOS Update

After I got my iPhone 5S, I updated it to the newest iOS 7.1.2. I used to update my phone to the newest system, thus, though I know that iOS 8 is coming soon, I still updated it to iOS 7.1.2. The disaster is what most users come across when updating their iOS – my iPhone stuck on iOS 7.1.2 updating screen and didn’t go further. It is stuck on the screen that a white arrow pointing to the iTunes logo. My friend told me that it is the Recovery Mode screen which is a failsafe on updating or restoring.

Solution: A nearly perfect freeware called ReiBoot solved this question without any effort. I got it when I search the internet and someone recommended it to me.

exit iOS recovery mode

ReiBoot – Enter & Exit Recovery Mode with 1 Click


No 7: Hard to find a system cleaning tool

On my Android, I can get aplenty programs which are used to cleaning system and speed up iPhone by removing junk files. Examples are: Android System Cleaner, Clean Master Phone Boost, Clean Master Phone Boost, etc. all can be downloaded from Google Play. However, I can’t find such a similar tool from App Store. If anyone knows any, please tell me. Thank you in advance.

Solution: Searching on google, there is still a few such tools used to optimize iPhone performance. One is    Free iPhone Care, the other is iPhone Care Pro. The former is a total freeware with limited functions, the latter is paid, likely the pro version of the former. Both can be downloaded from CNET.