How to Factory Reset iPhone without iCloud Password

Wondering to factory reset iPhone without iCloud password? Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter. There is a famous proverb that “Not only one way to Rome, all roads lead to Rome”! We can find other ways to reset iPhone without iCloud password.
Below we share 2 ways that you can have a try to reset iPhone when you lost iCloud password:
1. Find and reset lost iPhone passcode and then reset iPhone.
2. Reset iPhone without iCloud password using iTunes.
Note: If you factory reset iPhone without iCloud passcode iOS 8, all data on your iPhone will be erased. You need to find out some ways to backup data or recover all the lost files.
Now, I will tell about the detailed operation methods of the two methods.

Way 1: Find and reset lost iPhone passcode and then reset iPhone

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1>    Connect your iPhone with your computer. Click “Trust” on your device.
2>    Get into DFU mode, you will see another window. Click “Copy Passcode and then you can paste the passcode. Then, you can exit DFU mode and use this passcode to unlock your iPhone.
3>    Click “Backup & Restore” .After you unlock iPhone screen password, you are allowed to  reset your iPhone password without jailbreaking and without losing data. Backup all inportant files before reset, and then restore data from the backup after reset.
4>    Reset iPhone: connect iPhone to computer, select it when it appears in iTunes, click “Restore iPhone”, and click “Restore” button.

Way 2: Reset iPhone without Password using iTunes

(1)    Reset iPhone Without Password by Using iTunes.

1.    Connect your USB cable to your Windows / Mac.
Tips: Don’t connect it to your iPhone.
2. Turn off your iPhone.
3. Then turn on your iPhone.
4. Continue to hold the Home button until a message in iTunes appears saying that your iPhone is detected in recovery mode like this picture:
5. Click “OK”. Click “Summary” tab and click on the “Restore” button from your iTunes.

(2) Recover iPhone Data after You Reset iPhone without Password

After you restore iPhone successfully, it will be at the factory settings state, since all data are wiped. If you have used iTunes to backup your iPhone before, you can simply restore iPhone data from the backup.

However, maybe most of us not have any backup files for your iPhone. It also doesn’t matter, iPhone data recovery software can help you recover all the lost data, including contacts, messages, notes, photos, videos and more.