How to Reset iPhone Restrictions Passcode with iOS 10

The restrictions code is really a good way to monitor your children’s activity on your iPhone. However, if you forget it, you cannot buy anything on your iPhone or install or uninstall any app. Do not worry, there are still some ways to reset the restrictions code. Read the information below to learn more about how to reset restrictions code on iOS 10.


Step 1. Launch iTunes on your Windows PC or Mac computer.

Step 2. Take your iPhone. Simultaneously press the button “Sleep / Wake” and “Home” button until the device is disconnected. Release the button “Sleep / Wake” but leave pressed the “Home” button.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB debug cable. During the connection, leave pressed the “Home” button. Once connected, the device must be rekindled with the iTunes logo and a USB cable on black background. When you see this screen, release the “Home” button.

Step 4. Go to the iTunes program on your computer and click the “OK” button when you see the warning “Recovery Mode”. Click the “Restore” button to start the restoration process. This can take several minutes, but once it’s finished, your iPhone will be restored to its factory settings.

The easiest way to reset the code restrictions to an iPhone with iOS 10 is to restore with a backup file created before the restrictions code is placed. However, most of the time users fail to find the backup file created before. In this case you need to restore your iPhone to its factory settings; but it will erase all data from your iPhone. If you must do so, and to keep all your important data, you should try Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery to scan your iPhone first and transfer your data, including contacts, pictures, videos and messages from your iPhone to computer.

If don’t want to factory setting your iPhone, you can go to Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone to get other two simple ways to help you.