How to Activate SIM Card in iPhone 7

“Oh my God! I put the SIM Card in iPhone 7, but it seems that the device can’t read the card. What can I do? Is there something wrong with my iPhone 7? Is that mean SIM Card is unusable? I have no idea about it. How to deal with this problem? If you can give me some suggestions, I will be thankful to you.”

For those who want to know how to activate SIM card in iPhone 7, you have better pay attention to the following several points:

• Make sure the SIM card in your iPhone 7;

• Check if your SIM card is damaged or locked. Or it will cause the NO SIM or Invalid SIM error;

• If SIM card is okay, then you can begin the iPhone 7 setup journey.


Ⅰ How to Activate iPhone 7 with Verizon SIM Card

To activate iPhone 7 on Verizon, you can have three options, Wi-Fi, OTA or iTunes activation. Here we get iPhone 7 activation started with Wi-Fi activation method first.

Step 1: Verify the old iPhones are powered off prior to activating iPhone 7.

Step 2: Press the Power button (top-right edge) to power iPhone 7 on.

Step 3: Slide from left to right anywhere on the “Hello” screen.

Step 4: Choose language and country (or region).

Step 5: Opt for a Wi-Fi network to connect. Then make a decision on Location Services (on or off).

Step 6: Set up Touch ID and create a passcode (usually six-digit passcode, and Passcode Options gives you more freedom on customization passcode).

Step 7: Restore or transfer your Apps &data from old iOS devices or Android device.

• Restore from iCloud Backup

• Restore from iTunes Backup

• Set Up as New iPhone

• Move Data from Android (use Move to iOS App or directly apply iPhone 7 transfer to move data from computer to new iPhone 7.)

Step 8: Sign in with Apple ID. Followed by iCloud Drive, Apple Pay and iCloud keychain setups.

Step 9: Choose one from two: Turn on Siri or Turn on Siri Later.

Step 10: Display resolution selection: Standard or Zoomed. Then tap Next to continue.

Step 11: Tap Get Started to begin using your iPhone 7.

Note: The iPhone 7 activation process takes 2-3 minutes, and after that you will see the status bar at the top of the screen changes from No Service to Verizon.


Ⅱ How to Activate iPhone 7 with ATT&T SIM Card

Step 1: Make a data backup from your old iPhone. You can rely on iTunes to transfer data from old iPhone to iCloud or computer (Mac/Windows PC).

Step 2: Access to ATT&T official wireless activation site. Then enter your wireless number and billing or shipping ZIP code as shown on the picture. Tap continue.

Step 3: Turn off your iPhone 7. About 5 minutes later, restart your iPhone 7. Your ATT&T iPhone 7 is activated now with only 3 steps.


Well, that’s all about how to activate SIM Card in iPhone 7, by the way, if your iPhone 7 get any trouble and bugs, you can use Tenorshare iCareFone to fix them.