How to Backup and Restore iPhone without iTunes or iCloud?

“I deleted all contacts from my iPhone 4S by accident, what’s worse, I found that I never backed them up with iTunes or iCloud. Now I need them urgently, but I’ve heard that there is no way to recover deleted data on an iPhone except through backup. Is that really? I am so anxious because the contacts are very very important for my work. Can I recover my contacts from the iPhone itself without iTunes backup? Please help!!!Thanks in advance.

Firstly, please be calm. It is absolutely wrong that you cannot restore iPhone contacts and other data without iTunes backup. Though iOS device has its special technology so that it is hard to backup and recover data from iPhone, it is not impossible with more advanced data recovery technology. Below I will tell you a method to backup and restore iPhone

Is It Possible to Backup and Restore iPhone without iTunes or iCloud?

Generally, iTunes backup or iCloud backup is our first choice to make a backup of iPhone data. iTunes will automatically backup your data as long as you didn’t disable the auto-sync option. iCloud will also make a automatic sync as your iPhone is connected to the internet. The iTunes and iCloud backup is easy but it is an all-or-nothing event. If you make a backup, then all your data will be backed up, all the previous data will be renewed by the recent data. You cannot backup or restore selectively. So this is the reason why some people want to backup iPhone with other better tools instead of iTunes and iCloud.

Actually, there is a tool called iPhone data recovery – It is able to backup and restore iPhone without any backup. It extracts or retrieves data directly from iPhone.

How to Backup iPhone with iPhone Data Recovery Software?

iPhone data backup

backup and restore iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

To backup iPhone data, you need a piece of iPhone Data Recovery to directly extract data from iPhone.

Step 1: Download the iPhone data recovery software and install it on your computer all right. Launch it when all is done.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone (iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS are all supported) with the computer. Then initiate the data recovery program. In the main interface, choose the mode of “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

Step 3: If you are using an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, you need to enter DFU mode before the data scan. It is easy as long as you follow the steps and the time on the program.

Step 4: When it prompts you to scan, there will be a communicating process for scan. This will take a few minutes or so. Please wait patiently.

Step 5: when scan is done, you can preview the data listed in the left of the program. Then choose your wanted ones and mark them. Press “Recover” button to backup the data.

Step 6: Finally, this program will ask for a location to save the backed up files. You can check the backed up data from the location.

How to Restore iPhone without iTunes or iCloud?

Just as said before, have you found that when you previewed the data, the lost ones will also display on the preview pane? So as a matter of fact, the backed up process is the same as restore process.

Hope you can make it. Still feel confused? See more about restoring iPhone without iTunes backup.

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