Password to Open iPhone backup is not Working, How to fix it

“I’ve updated the latest iOS 9.3 on my iPhone and once it stumbled on retrieving the backup it required a password, I’ve tried numerous passwords but it is not working. I am getting worried now when I will suffer a great deal of precious photos and videos of my families!!! Help, please.”

Want to fix iTunes backup not working, but don’t know password to unlock iPhone backup file? Take iPhone Backup Unlocker from Tenorshare to recover iTunes backup file password you never set or do not know. The following passage would guide you to fix password to iPhone backup files not working step by step.


Step 1: Preparation.

Go to the download page and follow installation wizard to install the iPhone Backup Unlocker on your computer, then launch it.

Step 2: Add iPhone Backup file

Click “Add” and then select the iPhone Backup file you need to recover.

Step3: Choose an Attack Type

I. Brute-force Attack
II. Brute-force with Mask Attack
III. Dictionary Attack

There are three attack types you can choose according to how much you can remember about the iTunes lost password. If you still don’t know how to choose a suitable Attack type and set the Attack type accordingly, you can follow the guide of How to Unlock iPhone Backup to help you.

Step 4. Decrypt iTunes Backup Password

Click “Start” in the interface to decrypt the iPhone backup password which is not working, it may take you a few minutes, but you can stop the process anytime.

When the last step is completed, the software will pop up a window with your password to open iPhone backup which was not working before. And you can restore this iPhone backup file on your iPhone now.

Decrypt iTunes backup password for your iOS 8.3 device

There are so many smart user will encrypt their iTunes backup for security. However, it will be a big trouble that you forget or remember a wrong iTunes backup password when you need to restore data in iOS update, jailbreak, or other circumstances. I think you ever faced to this kind of trouble and know less about how to decrypt forgotten iTunes backup password. When I upgraed my iPhone 6 to iOS 8.3, I have got into this hot water,so I know something helpful for iTunes password decryption.

Helpful Tech 1: Try all possibility that you remember

When I found that I had forgot my password after iOS 8.3 update, I tried to do some guesses. Our passwords for decryption are related to something in daily life. In the process of trying, I think something possible combinations will recall you.

1.Try your Apple ID (inclduing iTunes store) password

2.Try your iOS device lockscreen number

3.Try your computer account password

4.Try all info about you and your love(birthday, graduation day, memorial Day,etc)


itunes backup password recovery for ios 8.3

Helpful Tech 2:Use iTunes backup password unlocker tool

However,sometime we need to face to unlucky thing—we exactly forgot the password. But, we don’t need to be dissappointed. A type of unlocking program can help us unlock iTunes backup password after iOS 8.3

iPhone Backup Unlocker is dedicated to recovering lost iTunes backup password for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and enabling forensic access to address books, call logs, SMS archives, voice mail and email account settings, applications, and so on in these backups. Moreover, it ensures you no data loss or damage to your backup data.

It is more convenient to recover iTunes backup password with tool. And I can remember some words in password, so I set them in this program, decrytion will be faster.

Steps for iTunes password recovery with tool

Part 1. Recover iTunes Backup Password

Step 1.Select/Import iTunes Backup Key Container File to Decrypt

Step 2. Choose an Attack Type and Set the Attack Type Accordingly

Step 3. Decrypt iTunes Backup Password

Part 2. Remove iTunes Backup Password

Step 1. Select Encrypted iPhone backup file.

Step 2. Start to Remove iPhone backup password.

iPhone Backup Password Recovery to Recover Lost iPhone Backup Password

Some user encrypt backup file to make their backup file secure. But what if you lost password of your iPhone backup file than you can’t recover files with the use of that backup file. To recover lost iPhone backup password, you can use iPhone backup password unlocker software. When done with this software, your right password for iPhone backup will be displayed in a so-called File Opening Password Box.

Before using this paid software to unlock your iPhone backup password, what can you do to have a fortune to get your password back? Maybe try all the possible passwords that used frequently or used on other event is a supposed solution. Some of possible passwords you may not realize are listed as below:

iPhone backup password lost

iPhone backup password

Apple ID password
iTunes password
Windows administrator password
The “Passcode” you used to lock your iphone at that time, for the time you last backed up the iPhone
The passcode/lock code used on your iPhone when you first ever used the device
The ones suggested here “0000″, “1234″, etc.
That is, try all old passwords you have memory.


What if you have no fortune to meet the right password? Use third-party utility anyhow.

iPhone Backup Unlocker to Disable Your iPhone Backup Password

Though there is a little chance that you can try the right password by chance, it is not the most reliable method. Never mind. iPhone Backup Unlocker is designed especially for those who lost iPhone backup password. It has the magical function to recover your iPhone backup password.

Worry about that you have no professional knowledge of iPhone and computer? Absolutely needless! This is an easy-to-use tool, without any specialized skill, can you operate easily.

Operation of this iPhone Backup Password Unlocker

Only 3 steps are needed to operate this iPhone Backup Unlocker.

# Step 1: Import iTunes backup file. When you download, install the iTunes Backup Password Remover on your computer. Double click the icon to initiate it. Then in the main interface, when you select the iTunes backup file in the right directory, press “Open” button to complete the encrypted backup file importing.

# Step 2: Choose a right attack strategy accordingly. Three attack types are provided in the program. They are generally Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. If you can still remember something about the forgotten iPhone backup password, please choose a suitable attack type to minimize the search time and enhance password recovery speed. Detailed description of the three strategies is as follows:

.  If you choose ”Brute-force Attack”, the program will try all possible combinations by default, no need to define any setting. But this attack will take longer time.

. If you select “Brute-force with Mask Attack”, you need to click “Settings” to define the settings such as password length, character set and affix set according to the clues about the password.

. If you select Dictionary Attack, you also need to click “Settings” to move forward.

# Step 3: Start to crack the forgotten backup password and get the password in the File Opening Password Box (seen as below):

how to disable iPhone backup password

iPhone backup password

In this step, you need to click the “Start” button to begin the password cracking. During the process, you are allowed to stop by pressing the “Stop” button, and then you can save the project to continue next time or to end the project.

If the cracking operation is continuous, within several minutes or seconds, the password is displayed in the Fie Opening Password Box.

Go to this video iPhone Backup Password Recovery to get plain using steps.


The Easy Way to Reset iPhone Backup Password

I’ve been asked by a lot of unfortunate iPhone users to help them restore data from their iTunes backups. This is easy when they are unencrypted, but not when they are encrypted, if the password is known, that’s easy, enter the password and then proceed on. But most of the time, the password is unknown. How to reset iPhone backup password has become the question asked frequently by the unfortunate people.

reset iPhone backup before restore

iPhone backup password reset


Why We Lost iPhone Backup Password Recovery Now and Then?

The Apple “iPhone OS Enterprise Deployment Guide” states that “Device backups can be stored in encrypted format by selecting the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” option in the device summary pane of iTunes. So if you didn’t disable the option, the backup might be encrypted by default when you sync your iPhone with the iTunes.

That’s the reason why so many people say they 100% positive that they did not set an encrypted password yet iTunes still keeps asking for a password.

Besides, confusing one password with another happens inevitably. So we always lost our iTunes backup password.

How to Reset iPhone Backup Password?

Want to reset iPhone backup password, you must find the original password in advance. How to find the right iPhone backup password, here I have some advices:

Try the possible passwords that maybe used to lock your iPhone backup. For example,

Apple ID password, iTunes password, Windows administrator password,

The “Passcode” you used to lock your iPhone at the time you last backed up the phone,

The password to one of my e-mail addresses,”0000″, “1234″, etc.

If all turn out to be wrong, try the second advice.

2-smileAn important tip: From my perspective, you don’t need to set a password for the iTunes backup if it isn’t important and confidential enough. Because we have so much have-to-set password such as Apple ID, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. So it is easy to confuse one with another.

Now that you have lost your iPhone backup password now, and the above advice doesn’t work for you. You may need to use a more functional tool to reset encrypted iPhone backup password.

It will help you find the backup password before restoration or other cases to use the backup file.


How to Use iPhone Backup Unlocker to Find the iTunes Backup Password?

Only 3 simple steps are needed as follows.

Step 1: Import encrypted iPhone backup file form the destination directory.

Ste p2: Choose a proper attack type.

Step 3: Recover iPhone backup password in seconds.

Note: In the first step, usually the iPhone Backup Unlocker will detect the backup file directory automatically. If it doesn’t by accident, you can manually find the backup from the given path below.

  • Windows XP and the former

C:\Documents and Settings\ Administrator\ Application Data\ Apple Computer\ MobileSync\ Backup\

  • Windows 8/7/Vista

C:\Users\ Administrator\ AppData\Roaming\ Apple Computer\ MobileSync\ Backup\

  • Mac

~Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

And when all the password recovery is done, the password will display in the File Opening Password Box. Now you can operate iPhone backup password reset or remove by entering the password recovered by the iPhone Backup Unlocker just now.


Read more information from Forgot iPhone Backup Password.

Here is the video Unlock iPhone Backup Password that shows the steps clearly.