How to View/Read Encrypted iTunes Backup Files of iPhone

Help! My iTunes Backup is Encrypted and I Cannot View/Read It without Password!

Some people like to keep their personal data very secure, others less so, this is an individual preference. An iPhone and the backups created in iTunes can hold an incredible amount of personal data. In order to keep data secure when creating an iTunes backup, you can set up a password to encrypt iTunes backup.

However, there will be certain cases, such as iOS upgrade failure or accidental iPhone, iPad, iPod touch factory reset, you might want to get hold of the iTunes data to restore your iPhone. What if you forgot or lost the password you set on the iTunes backup? You have no access to this backup. In this case, how can you view your encrypted iTunes backup? As long as you know your iTunes backup password, you can access your backup data instantly. Then the next to do is to find the iTunes backup password to access the backup to restore.

Part 1: How to Find iTunes Backup Password?

Over the last year, we have received many user queries regarding forgot iPhone backup encryption password and cannot restore iPhone from the iTunes backup. So I will give you advice on finding your lost password for iTunes backup. Recalling old password you ever used before is the common and first choice we can occur, but if you are unfortunate to meet your passcode from the old passwords, what to do now?

No worries, we have developed our iPhone Backup Unlocker application which gives full access to encrypted iTunes backups by recovering the lost password within minutes. Simple steps needed to perform it, as below:

import encrypted files to iPhone backup unlocker

iPhone Backup Password Recovery

Step 1: After right download and install iTunes backup password unlocker to computer, import encrypted backup to this program. Click “Open” to finish the file importing.

Step 2: Choose a right and proper attack strategy: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack.

Step 3: Click “Start” to initiate the password recovery. After a while, there will be a box displaying with your password.

Amazing, right? Learn more about unlocking iPhone backup password.

Part 2: How to Read/View Encrypted iTunes Backup?

After going through the above steps, you must have got your iTunes backup password. Now, you can copy the password to your iTunes where asks for the password. Then you can restore iPhone from backup freely.

To restore iPhone from iTunes, simple and free: Launch iTunes, then go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices. You will see a window with all of your backups listed on it. Click “Restore from Backup”.

If you still have any problem on restoring your iPhone lost data from backup, you can try to recover iPhone data without backup.