How to get back lost backup password for iPhone 6/6 Plus

“Jesus!!!” I forgot my iPhone 6 iTunes backup password. I just update my phone to iOS 8.2 and I want to restore my iPhone 6 data from iTunes! Help me, tell me how to get back my lost iPhone 6 backup password.”—come from real user

iPhone backup password lost is a big problem

Most people set a password for their iPhone backup file for privacy safety. However, password forgetting always happen to us. The worest is, there is no way to get back forgotten iPhone backup password officially. So, you need to find a way to help you decrypt your locked iPhone backup file.

Of course, this kind of decryption just use by youself who is the owner of backup file. Before decrytion, I think you can try any possible combination for password, such as Apple ID accouunt and password, birthday, or your other related number.


iphone 6 backup password recovery


How to recover iPhone 6/6 Plus backup password with tool

Finally, you may be tired to guess your password. And you think it it better that there is a tool can help you decrytp iPhone 6 backup password.

Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker is a good helper to allow you unlock forgotten iPhone password easily and fastly.

Firstly, you need to import iTunes backup file that contain key to decrypt, after install iPhone Backup unlocker, and you launch this program, it will auto dectect your iTune backup files. If you can’t see the file in the list, you can import it manually.

And then,choose an attack type and set the sttack type accordingly. Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker provides 3 kinds of attack types including Brute-force Attack,Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack to help you recover lost password for iPhone 6/6 Plus backup password.

Finally, just click “Start” botton to begin recovery.

Besides. iPhone Backup Unlocker can help you remove password from iPhone backup files. The steps are also easy, after importing backup file, you can click “Decrypt” to remove passoword.

Ways You Need to Unlock Forgotten iPhone Backup Password on Mac

how to unlock forgotten iPhone backup password

iPhone backup password forgot

Sometimes, you may need to update your iPhone or other iDevice,so you try to restore from a backup so that you do not have to recover your data.

However, when you launch iTunes, and want to access the backup in iTunes, iTunes keeps asking for a password, one that you do not remember setting because you never checked the option for an encrypted backup for your iPhone .


What Can You Do to Find the iTunes Backup Password on Mac?

Now what can you do? Firstly, there are several passwords you can try to change the password, given that you can remember your iTunes Store password, etc.

1) Try your iTunes Store password first. This is most commonly the password to restore your backup.

2) Try your 4 digit unlock code for your device. If you have a more complex unlock code involving characters and such, try that too.

3) Try 0000 or 1234 as the password, sometimes the default password is in fact, 0000, 1234.

4) Try using the Keychain method.

First, open Applications > Utilities > Keychain

Second, in the search dialog, search for “iPhone Backup.”

Third, double click on the most recent entry for “iPhone Backup.”

Fourth, at the bottom of the dialogue box, click “Show password” and type in the administrative password for the computer. This will reveal your iTunes backup password!

Note:  If you are using Windows, the only thing left to try will be to change your iTunes password on your actual account to access the iTunes Store. Then on the backup password dialogue, try the old password and the newly set password.

OR you can try your Windows Administrator password. This is a common solution. Also, even more common is to try the Windows administrator password that you used when you first set up your computer or when you first set up your iPhone.


What If the Above Methods Won’t Work?

If you have managed to attempt all the steps and nothing has worked, it seems like you will have to resort to another more powerful tool – iPhone Backup Unlocker to recover the forgotten iPhone backup password.

To begin with, this iPhone backup unlocker is designed for windows users originally, but you can also use it if we make some workaround. That is, you can transfer the encrypted backup from your Mac to windows then use the unlocker tool.

unlock iPhone backup password

Tenorshare iPhone backup unlocker


How to Use this iPhone Backup Unlocker?

Just as described above, if you are a Mac user, you need to transfer the backup to a windows PC then follow the below steps:

Only three steps are needed to unlock iTunes backup password:

1. Import encrypted iTunes backup file

2. Choose a proper attack type

3. Start to unlock your iPhone backup password then get the password in the pop up window

To get a more plain understanding of this operation, refer to this YouTube tutorial: forgot iPhone backup password.