How to Put iPhone/iPad/iPod Out of Recovery Mode after iOS 8 Update

Once my iPhone 5s updated the iOS to beta iOS 8, it immediately went into Recovery Mode, with the iTunes symbol. I plugged it into my computer, and it says I need to restore the iPhone. I click Restore, but it says it can’t connect because of my network connection. What do I do to get my iPhone fixed?

Get iPhone, iPad, iPod Out of Recovery Mode with One Click

If the iOS devices stuck in the recovery mode, all you’re going to see on the screen is the iTunes icon with a cable pointing to a white arrow – telling you to plug your device to iTunes and restore. But in this case, the problem is restore doesn’t work. However, there is no need to fret. What you should do is to find an efficient way to kick iPhone out of the recovery mode.

One easy way to do this would be to use the free and safe software ReiBoot. It comes with two buttons: “Enter Recovery Mode” and “Exit Recovery Mode”(Main profile seen as below)

enter and exit iOS recovery mode



How to Use ReiBoot to Exit iOS Recovery Mode?

>> Free download and install ReiBoot from official site:

>> Connect your iPhone(or iPad, iPod) to the computer

>> Start ReiBoot, it will detect your device automatically

>> Next, you will see the two buttons on the interface. Click “Exit Recovery Mode”

After this, you will see your iPhone turn to normal apple logo then start on.

Put iPhone (and More iOS Devices) into Recovery Mode Easily and Quickly with ReiBoot

If the iPhone got into a problem related to jailbreak, restore, update, etc. you may need to user recovery mode to fix it. To enter iOS recovery mode, ReiBoot is also a good choice. It is just as easy as to exit Recovery Mode demonstrated on the above.

Use it and you can make it easily with one click.

iOS 8 Beta – Whether to Install It or Not – Why & Why Not?

iOS 8

iOS 8 Beta

As a new gadget, iOS 8 always attracts a lot of iFans’s attention. And needless to say, there is a large amount of people want to experience it as soon as possible. However, there are still many bugs on iOS 8 beta. Developers are devoting themselves to provide you with a bug-free and comfortable system. The official version is going to come at autumn.

If you still can’t wait to have an experience with the new iOS 8, just go ahead. To the worst, downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7. While I am admired by your adventurous courage, I would suggest you to be serious to try iOS 8 beta.

The following reasons telling you why you should be careful to install iOS 8:

  1. Compatibility issues with apps
  2. Full of bug
  3. No jailbreak
  4. No help from developer or Apple

And more…

Note: If you failed to upgrade to iOS 8 and lost data, try to use iPhone data recovery software to recover lost data.

Worse still, iTunes asking for a password at backup restore? Use iPhone backup password unlocker to recover or remove the password.