iPhone Keeps Restarting Itself – How to Fix It

An iPhone Keeps Restarting?

I got a beautiful new iPhone 5 and it was working great all the while. All of a sudden, it begins to shut off. Not once, not twice but multiple number of times. Every 2-3 minutes, it restarts. How can I solve this problem?

Of course head to the Apple Store and get the damn thing replaced. Is there any more simple ways without carrying it to Apple Store? That is, you fix it yourself at home? Absolutely! Fixing iPhone reboot loop yourself is possible.

How to Fix iPhone Restarting Cycle?

Generally, if you want to exit the reboot loop, you can try to put your iPhone into DFU mode or Recovery Mode. But here, what I want to recommend is to enter Recovery Mode. And I know, there are many pages on goole to tell you how to put iPhone into or out of recovery mode. But what is the easiest and quickest one? Personally, I preferred a tool called Tenorshare ReiBoot.

reiboot for windows

enter and exit iPhone recovery mode with ReiBoot

It is a free tool provided by Tenorshare, designed to help iPhone, iPad and iPod users to enter and exit iOS Recovery Mode with one click. And I have seen a lot of other methods telling how to achieve the same goal, however, most of them are complicated with 3-4 steps. And you need to hold home or power button for several seconds. So I will recommend this tool to you aiming to giving you a simple method, and you can be out of the complicated operations in the future.

How to Use ReiBoot to Enter and Exit iPhone Recovery Mode?

You may ask, how to use this tool. Well, it is so easy to use and I think I don’t need to overstate it. Only one interface and two main buttonS on the program, as long as you download and install it on your computer, you will get how to use it. The key is to let it detect your device at first, then all will be smooth.

Note: For windows users, download it here >> ReiBoot for Windows

For Mac users, download it here >> ReiBoot for Mac

Important Note: If this does not work for you, and you got a new iPhone (5s/5/4S/4) recently and are eligible for replacement without burning a hole in your pocket, when you are stuck with an iPhone that keeps rebooting, shutting off or freezing, you can head to the store and see if you can get it replaced.


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