How to Fix Frozen iPhone without Passcode

I am currently, what seems to me, undergoing a massive problem. I have an iPhone which hasn’t been used for a while, but I have seemed to have gone back to it. Unfortunately, I have now forgotten the passcode. After hard reset, my power button doesn’t work though? What can I do with an unknown passcode and broken power button? -lauren100501

For many situations, a passcode can be extremely safe as well as it can be kind of bothering. When dealing with iOS operation, only turn password off can continue what we are going to do.And things becomes even complex when users happen to forget the passcode.

Don’t worry, you will cross the bridge when you get to it. Tenorshare ReiBoot is exactly what you need, can will surely fix your stuck iPhone.This software is designed for solving iOS stuck problem, but it also has a powerful function can fix over 50 kinds of iOS stuck issues, like white Apple, black/blue/red screen and reboot loop, etc.

Guide for Handling Stuck iPhone without Password
1. Conventional Solution to Turn iPhone Back to Normal by Using iTunes
2. Fix iPhone Not Responding Problem without Passcode via ReiBoot

Conventional Solution to Turn iPhone Back to Normal by Using iTunes
1. Turn iPhone into recovery mode—turn off iPhone then press and hold home button. Connect iPhone with iTunes via USB cable;
2. iTunes will detect your defective iPhone, and you will see the interface below;
3. Click “Restore”, wait for the responding from iTunes, and follow the steps iTune give to you. The whole process will take some time, please patiently wait for it.

Note: Before take action with its operation system, please do remember to back up important files. If you could not successfully enter recovery mode, you can also come to ReiBoot for help. Launch ReiBoot and you will see the “Enter Recovery Mode” button. Click it and your iPhone will get into recovery mode in seconds.

Fix iPhone Not Responding Problem without Passcode viaReiBoot
When connect iPhone with ReiBoot, you will also find the third function “Fix All iOS Stuck” at the bottom.ReiBoot will provide you two types of solutions. The first one can generally fix iOS issues without causing data loss, and this method is kind of convenient for handling iPhone stuck. However, in the condition of forgetting password, what we need to do is wipe out the passcode protection, and we could only do this by using advance mode which will also clear data in your iPhone.
ios performs abnormally

1. Download/import firmware package;
2. Start iOS system repairing;
3. Recover successfully.

Whole procedure can be pretty easy to follow. Then, your iPhone must turn back to normal. If you unluckily lose your data, there are also 3 ways to recover lost iPhone data. Kindly give ReiBoot a download, it will make a difference!

A video guide for your reference as well:

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