How to Recover an iPhone Backup, Encrypted or not


I have encrypted my iPhone backup before, but I lost the password of iTunes backup. So now I can’t restore iPhone from backup. I got prompt of “the password you entered to unlock iPhone backup was incorrect. Please try again”. How do I take the password off so I can restore iPhone?


Now, we may need to know what is iTunes backup at first.

Once you sync an iDevice that’s been synced with another computer, iTunes would ask you whether you wish to erase and sync/backup. Press backup, and iTunes will enable you to backup the complete iDevice onto its system. You could have essentially synced an iDevice without erasing everything, and have absolutely also backed it up.

In the backup section, you also have an option to encrypt your backup. If you select it, a box will pop up ask you to enter a password. This password is used to encrypt your backup files. It is necessary when you want to restore your iPhone from the backup, so that this will also prevent your backup files being used illegally by others who don’t know your password.

iTunes will save your backup file on computer. According to different OS, it specifies different location of iTunes backup.

Since the password is necessary when restoring iPhone from backup, so how can we reset the password when iTunes prompts you that your password is incorrect? Except to try possible passwords you used before, there is another relatively reliable method to recover the password. You need an iPhone backup unlocker. It is designed to unlock password for iTunes backup.

How to Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup?

restore iPhone from backup

iPhone backup restore

OK, now that we have learnt what is iTunes backup, and if you password is incorrect, we have found the password. Let’s learn how to restore your iPhone from the backup.

Abide by the following steps to restore iPhone from backup if you lost data and want to get the data back from the backup. Verify that you are using the latest version of iTunes before attempting to operate. Then continue.
Step 1. Connect your device with a computer.
Step 2. When it appears in iTunes under devices, select it.
Step 3. Select the Summary tab then find the “Restore from Backup” option.

The last but not the least tip: How to recover iPhone data if I have no backup?

It is not hard with iPhone data recovery software. It is able to recover lost data from iPhone without backup.

Hope this post helps you solve your problem of iPhone data loss.

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