Recover Password Encrypted Backup Files for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Though the introduction of iCloud lets many users quit iTunes backup and adopt iCloud backup instead, there is still big advantage to back your iDevices up to iTunes. You can compare the iTunes and iCloud backup from this post.

From that, we can see the best advantage of iTunes backup is local and space limitlessly. In addition, it is easy to restore lost data from iTunes backup after data lost by accident.

But have you ever come across a problem that iTunes backup is password encrypted and you can’t restore iPhone from the backup? If this is your case, then read on, this article tells you how to recover the password encrypted backup.

password encrypted backup

Enter the Password to Unlock Your iPhone Backup

Part 1: Recover iTunes Backup Encryption Password

If you want to recover the encrypted backup, the first thing you need to do is to find the password. How to? iTunes doesn’t give the option to reset or disable password itself, so you need to look for other tricks. After a series of search, users give a few methods listed as below.

Method 1: Sign out and sign in again to your iTunes

1. Disconnect your iPhone with computer

2. Sign out of your iTunes account.

3. Connect your iPhone again back to your computer.

4. Sign in again with your iTunes account.

Method 2: Try old used passwords

You can enter other passwords (listed as below) that used on other accounts or devices.

Apple ID password

iTunes Store password

Windows administrator password

The “Passcode” you used to lock your iPhone

The passcode/lock code used on your iPhone when you first ever used the device

All sorts of variations of my children’s names and birthdays

Admin password on the computer that was in effect the first time the iPhone was backed-up

The original password when I set up your iTunes account

The ones suggested here “0000″, “1234″, etc.

Method 3: Use professional password unlocker utility

As for unlocking iTunes backup password for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPhone Backup Unlocker is the best choice. It is specially designed to unlock password on encrypted iTunes backup files. With simple operating steps and user-friendly interface, it is favored by users around the world. All iOS devices are applied: iPhone 5s, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS; iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display, iPad 4, the New iPad, iPad 2, iPad; iPod Touch 5, 4 & more.

Just 3 steps, it is like a pro.

Step 1: Import encrypted backup files to the program

Step 2: Choose an attack type from the 3 attack strategies.

Step 3: Start to unlock the password and wait it to be done

Part 2: Restore the Password Unlocked Backup to iPhone/iPad/iPod

After password found, you can restore the backup files freely now. Go to iTunes >Preferences >Devices, there will be a list of backup files that ever backed up on this computer, choose the right one that you need and click “Restore from Backup”. So easy, isn’t it?

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