Top 3 Ways to Fix iTunes Won’t Recognize iPhoto Library

“iPhoto Library does not appear in iTunes, iPhoto albums not visible from within iTunes, can’t sync to iPhone. Although having at least 10 albums in iPhoto, none of them are visible from within iTunes. I have rebuilt the iPhoto Library (holding down option + command while launching iPhoto), but it doesn’t seem to fix anything. I have deleted as well albumdata.xml and still no go. When attempting to sync photos to my iPhone, I get “unknown error -50”, which is something to be expected since my albums are not properly detected from with iTunes. Anyone had a similar issue before?”

Way 1: Using Free iPhoto Library Manager

You can download a Free program called iPhoto Library Manager. It can help you find problems with the AlbumData.xml file. Then, you can edit them in Text Wrangler. The program can also reimport all the photos in iPhoto library. The new reconstituted library will be able to be recognized by iTunes and the problem of iPhoto Library cannot be read or written should be fixed after rebuilding iPhoto Library.
use iphoto library manager to get iphoto library detected by itunes

Way 2: Chang the name of iTunes Albums

1. Changing the name of all the Albums
If your iTunes album has an ampersand in the name, you can try this way. Find your Albums, Events and slideshows and change “&” to “and” or eliminate it. After all that, you can get your iPhoto Library recognized by iTunes and you are able to sync your photos to your iPhone.
2. Change the name of album in iPhoto
Go to iPhoto library in the Finder. Find a file named AlbumData.xml, double click it and it should open in Safari. Use Find function in Safari to search for “AlbumName”. Make note of the album name after the last “AlbumName”. Open iPhoto to find the corresponding album in iPhoto to the next to last album name in the AlbumData.xml. Change the name of the album immediately after it. Close iPhoto, open iTunes and you’ll find everything is fine now.

Way 3: Using “Free files manager” in iCareFone

If you have tried the above two ways to no avail, it’s okay and you don’t have to be sad. Fortunately, you can also try iCareFone to help you manage your photos.
1. Launch iCareFone, and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to computer via USB cable.
select free files manager in icarefone
2. Select Photo option and you can preview, edit your photos within the program.
select photo option to manage your photos

Hope this post will help someone out. If you have any other great suggestions for iTunes won’t recognize iPhoto Library, please do share with us. A small comment will be greatly appreciated!

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